The Fake Engagement Ring

20140218-231731.jpgOur society seems to have a sick fascination with everybody falling in love and marrying. There is always some new reality TV show that revolves around either finding love, marriage or both. I’m amazed at how many Facebook pictures I witnessed of girls having The Bachelor slumber parties with board after board of pictures from the show itself. I am not opposed to the idea of marriage itself and acknowledge it as a reputable institution. I have to ask the question why is everyone so focused on finding love as opposed to creating goals and making something out of your life? Granted, you can still do this while you are married but I feel you have a lot more freedom when you are single to accomplish the things you want to do without being tied down or having to confide in someone other than yourself. When you’re married, you have to weigh how your decisions will impact the rest of your family and if there are enough resources to risk. Marriage is not a means to an end nor will your fairy tale dreams magically manifest once you find your significant other.

Anyway, I have been ogling Lana Del Rey’s emerald ring ever since I first laid eyes on it (which is rumored to be an engagement ring). I love the ring’s design consisting of a circular emerald stone surrounded by little diamonds. While my search was unfruitful for an exact carbon copy, I stumbled upon a ring with white fire opal as the main stone. The circular fire opal stone was surrounded by little crystals that cascaded halfway down the ring as well. It’s amazing what you can find on Ebay if you’re bored enough and have the time to extensively search the site. My impulses overrode my logic and soon I found myself clicking the checkout button.

The anticipation killed me over the next few days as I awaited my beloved ring. The only minor detail I forgot was to check the seller’s feedback. It is important to research your sellers on Ebay as sometimes you can received items that are duds, fakes, used when they were listed as new and other horrors I do not want to think about. Of course when I saw some negative views, I naturally panicked and my anxiousness heightened. It finally arrived and I have to say it was ten times better than what was pictured.

I’ve been wearing it ever since as it has become so near and dear to my heart. To everyone else, however, it was as invisible as the shy girl in a library with her nose buried in Hawthorne which is why it came as a surprise when I received a most unexpected comment.

It was just this past Friday (Valentine’s Day to some of you) when I approached my former team lead with a day’s worth of processed paperwork. He happened to glance at my hand with the ring perfectly placed on my finger and said “I was about to ask if you were engaged but I saw it was on the wrong finger.” My comeback to said comment was “I don’t even have a boyfriend.” and laughed it off. My fake engagement may have lasted all but 2 minutes but apparently my fake engagement ring was quite convincing.

20140218-235102.jpgWhile some singles go home, cry, and ask why they are miserable and single, I went home, cuddled with my puppies and watched Rock a Doodle (don’t judge me.). Somehow, I thought reliving my childhood through animated Don Bluth films I haven’t seen in ages seemed appropriate for a Single’s Awareness Day event. I just couldn’t resist watching a little owl yell out “Abomination!” while failing miserably to annihilate his Uncle Dukey’s foes. Aside from that, I have been singing ” Cock-A-Doodle what a day!” nonstop this weekend (while my singing career will never levitate off the ground, I hope Ellen Greene’s ceased after this movie. I couldn’t stand her in Little Shop of Horrors either.). To complete my couch vegging, I opted for my Phillip Lim for Target sleepwear (I loved almost every piece in the line but I have to confess that the shorts are indeed awful. I ended up buying two pairs and both ripped where the black chiffon inserts start. This is probably due to my excessive tossing and turning at night. I finally just gave up and embraced my ripped shorts.). You are probably asking yourself “How is this girl still single?”. I know. I ask this all the time with a hint of sarcasm. I am perfectly content with my single status but it’s always fun to mess with people’s heads by making them believe someone put a ring on it. Maybe someday but not today. I’m too busy planning on how I will become the next woman to break the glass ceiling. It’s quite a lofty goal and perhaps a little bit pretentious but either dream big or don’t dream at all.

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